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Daisy's English Club provides English tutoring to Chinese students and adults who would like to improve their English  read more

Our Instructors

All Daisy's English Club teachers are dedicated to online education for more than 3 years, mainly for Chinese students and adults  read more

  • Undergraduate Education

              B.A. (Arts and Technology), University of Texas at Dallas, United States

  • Courses Taught

              Oral English Class 

  • UTD LULAC                                                                  

              Engaged in civil rights movements to better the Hispanic community.
              Led Trunk or Treat community project
              Actively involved in Hispanic related agendas

  • UTD Toast Master

              Developed public speaking skills
              Elected as the Vice President of Public Relations
              Managed the club's image through the implementation of different programs to enhance                   the positive image of the club

  Edward Villlarreal

   Oral English Teacher

    Office: YY Channel 99113305

​               QQ Group 166450487