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  • 毕业于Texas A&M University, ESL教育硕士学位;
  • 英语专业八级;
  • 现任美国德州休斯顿公司Training Coordi​nator;
  • Daisy小魂英语乐园 (Daisy's English Club)网络英语学习基地创始人;

  • Undergraduate Education

              B.A. (English Literature),China

  • Graduate Education

              M.Ed. (ESL Education), United States

  • Courses Taught

              Business English 

              English Conversation - Chinese Culture 

              English Conversation - Mosquito City 

              Pronunciation Workshop

  Daisy Tang

   Founder & Business English Teacher

    Office: YY Channel 99113305


    QQ: 1148889859